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Jon Mixon, Semi-pro security expert

That would depend upon what somebody planned to use the drivers license to do.

  1. Fake Id California Maker If they planned on using the license to get drinks at a bar or restaurant (not a nightclub), then a low quality license could be easily fabricated and would usually suffice.
  2. If they plan on using the license to get into a nightclub, an adult entertainment business or somewhere similar that has either off-duty police officers working there or that would scrutinize an ID card a little more closely, then you would need to create a higher quality fraudulent ID.
  3. If they plan on creating a drivers license that could fool law enforcement, the department of motor vehicles or a government agency, then it might prove to be exceptionally difficult. This would require the highest quality form of fraudulent ID which would likely be so costly, that it would be simpler and certainly cheaper to obtain a legitimate drivers license using fraudulent information.

Unless the fake drivers license was used just as ID to obtain drinks in a bar/restaurant or to enter a nightclub (it could also be used to obtain "breeder documents" that would allow a legitimate license to be fraudulently issued but that's another story for another day) it would be ill advised to attempt to create a fake drivers license or to attempt to purchase one. This is because any potential "benefits" would be far outweighed by the penalties if this license were discovered on your person.

Fake Id California Maker NOTE:  A ring of forgers who created primarily Virginia drivers licenses (one  of the most difficult to counterfeit) was recently convicted in US  federal court. Since the only reason the ring was even detected was that  a careless customer dropped her envelope containing five fake licenses,  it can be reasonably surmised that this group's products have managed  to be used without detection by many people for the several years it was  in operation.

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